Just how bad is your piracy situation?

Well, we can help you finding that out by offering you the best piracy analysis you can get. We will write you a one page report that will describe on detail the piracy situation of your product, including the number of links that hosts illegal copies of your product, estimated revenue increase and many other interesting info.

Piracy can be managed.

We use the latest piracy detection software, that will crawl the deepest parts of the internet, in order to detect and take down all the servers that hosts pirated copies of your products. But sometimes, automatic detection won't do it, that's why we always double check using the best human assets you can hire.

This way, our takedown services will remove the illegally hosted copies of your products from well known piracy sites, torrent files but even underground forums and markets, dramatically improving your online marketing efforts and increasing your product's chance of success.

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What will we include in the report:

  • Number of links on search engines and other sites
  • Number of illegal downloads
  • Estimated revenue increase
  • Estimated required time to remove all links
  • Tips and tricks on how to make your file harder to be illegally shared
  • And much more