About us

Anti piracy company GMSec® was founded back in 2009, when the need of an effective anti piracy company has surfaced within our area of expertise which was mainly about Web Application Security Testing. Since then, we have been constantly assisting different entities, from small organizations to large cmpanies but also freelancers, designers, artists , offering them Comprehensive Computer Security Assistance in order to protect products, copyrights, trademarks, and increase their revenue.

Our unique protection program features permanent item monitorisation, using the latest technologies and the best human factor you can get, constantly updating the list of sites to monitor for stolen content to ensure maximum efficiency in our item protection workflow.

How does our service works


All illegally hosted copies of your products using advanced SEO techniques, automated tools and by having access to some nice underground forums.


All of the found links using the best human assets, ensuring the data is valid, checking for the uploader and preparing the DMCA Complain.


The links by filling custom DMCA complains that will takedown the download links in a matter of hours if not minutes. This way, whoever searches for your product, will only get the offical purchase link.


The links that have been taken down, which you can analyse any time by logging into our reporting dashboard.

What kind of data do we protect?

  • We can take out any sound media from streaming services like Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify and many other so your media will stay copyrighted.
  • Same thing with any video media. We can take it out from any streaming or illegal uploading related sites and torrent networks.
  • We can also take out any texts, articles or documents and also remove any plagiarism related content.
  • Your software product, game, code will now stay safe, your profit going up.
  • We will also persuasively protect your trademarks, your copyrights and your overall company's look.