• Automatic
    DMCA takedowns
    GMSec is a new concept of anti-piracy protection
    that features automated DMCA takedowns of your
    products. We search the internet up and down,
    find illegal copies of your item, and take
    them down, while writing you daily reports.
  • Easy undestanding
    of your piracy situation
    We think everybody should be able to really
    understand what and who is behind their pirated
    content by writing you daily reports that you can y
    easily analyse via our interactive dashboard.
  • Copyrights

Free piracy analysis

We know our services are top-notch, but we also want you to know if you need them. We can offer you a detailed free piracy analysis for any product of yours and so you will know exactly where your piracy status is standing.

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Up to date

´╗┐We are constantly updating our databases of torrent websites, file hosting services, underground markets, discussion boards and forums as well as our software and technologies so your products will stay safe anytime

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Software & Human Assets

Our services are provided by both software and human interaction. As much as we trust our software, we know sometimes only one of our experts can find and take down those links that are illegally hosting your products.

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Our Clients


  • Not only that we couldn't download pirated copies of our content anymore, we could not even find it on the most popular search engines. GMSec trully helped us raise sales while decreasing the costs of anti-piracy activity.

    Robert C. Owen CEO / IQGEN design

  • You only have to sign up and choose the subscription that suits you. Everything else is being taken care of. I am just logging in my personal dashboard to see how pirated copies of my product are disappearing from the internet, day by day.

    Julie M. Means Designer

  • Before subscribing to GM Security's DMCA takedown service, youtube and soundcloud was full of duplicate videos of my songs, everyone was uploading my music. But not anymore, now te only videos uploaded are the ones that I've uploaded myself, with the right amount of views.

    Andre Johansson Musician